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We are proud of our 'Repair First' promise where we try to repair a minor crack on a windscreen before considering the option of replacing it, which will save you time, money and while providing maximum convenience. The whole process take approx. 20 – 30 mins.

A small chip and crack on  windscreen can potentially turn into a severe crack at any time and when you least expect it.  Chips and cracks are mainly caused by loose stones on the road surface, whether you are travelling on the road or suburban street. It is tempting to ignore a small crack but it is imperative that you deal with them as soon as they occur in order to avoid further damage to your vehicle glass.

  1. To be able to repair a minor crack to your windscreen, the size of the crack needs to be no bigger than a 20 cent coin.
  2. The position of the crack must also be situated more than 5 cm away from the edge of the windscreen.
  3. If the crack is near the driver’s line of vision area, the damage must not be more than 15mm across.  The driver’s line of vision is an area approx 30 cm wide centered on the middle of the steering wheel.

* Save Money – Remedies cost only a fraction of what you would pay for a replacement
* Save Time – Takes only 20 – 30 minutes
* Permanent Prevention – Stop crack from spreading
* Safety – Optical clarity for unobscured driving
* Hassle Free – Original factory seal remains intact

  1. First, we make sure the crack is as clean as possible so that the special resin used to repair the crack sticks on the windscreen properly.
  2. A special device is placed over the damaged area to create a vacuum. Once all the air has been removed, the crack is filled with resin.
  3. We then use a special UV-light tool to harden the resin. The resin takes approx. 3 minutes to completely harden.
  4. Once the resin is dry, we clean the windscreen of any excess and polish the repair to ensure the surface is completely smooth.

Windscreen Replacement

Automotive Glass Works Pte Ltd offers comprehensive car windscreen replacement services. Our professional glass technicians are reliable, skilled and experienced and we have large stocks of vehicle glass available at all times.

At  Automotive Glass Works, we always aim to repair rather than replace your existing windscreen, but if the crack in your vehicle windscreen is too severe or your car’s glass is already broken, we will carry out high quality replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Windscreen is an important safety feature for every car owner. We aim for and maintain a high standard of workmanship on our replacement and repair works for our customers.

  1. First we remove and cut the sealant and seals holding the windscreen in place.
  2. We apply Aktivator to clean and remove all dirt from the vehicle’s framework and allow it to dry. Primer is applied to prevent corrosion on the body frame and to allow the sealant to bond firmly with the glass.
  3. The new windscreen is then carefully fitted onto the vehicle and any original fittings that were removed are put back. The sealant needs at least 30 minutes to set before the vehicle can be driven.

Door Glass Replacement

All Door Glass and Panel Glass are made of tempered glass, so unlike your windscreen, if your vehicle’s side window glass is damaged, it cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced immediately. This is due to the way side window glass is made, even the smallest chip requires window replacement.

  1. We remove as much of the shattered glass from your vehicle as possible, even cleaning behind the interior door panel when we remove it before fitting the new piece of door glass.
  2. The new door glass is then carefully fitted into the vehicle ensuring that it can be opened and closed properly.
  3. Once the new door glass has been fitted, we carefully clean the interior of the vehicle again and put back the interior panel to complete the process.